Accueil Tips 5 Important Abs Exercise Tips for Beginners

5 Important Abs Exercise Tips for Beginners

5 Important Abs Exercise Tips for Beginners

1. Choose a workout plan that you enjoy!

The best and most thought-out training plan will not hurt you if you do not enjoy the exercises. Personally, I would find it very important to select the exercise that is most important for you to be able to work with.

2. Train your entire body!

Although it is time for the day before, it should not be forgotten, back and shoulders. Where does the training of the body of the body come from? The equivalent training of the forehead (chest, abdomen, forehead and middle shoulder) and back (back and rear shoulder) of the upper body, however, is essential to the health of a balanced upper body muscles, as well as a straight gait.

3. Do not exaggerate!

The greatest fitness myths, the muscles do not begin to grow during training, but only in the recovery phase afterwards. Therefore, you should not reclaim the same muscle groups every day, but at least 48 hours apart per muscle group. For the purpose, it is advisable to split up its training: For example, you could train the upper body with a 2-split in a training cycle of three days on the first day, the lower body on the second day and a complete break Give time for regeneration.

4. Do compound exercises!

So-called composite ab exercise is exercises that involve multiple muscle groups at the same time. In most cases, these are the most effective exercises for building muscle, as they release more growth hormones and, through the use of multiple muscle groups, burn more calories at the same time. However, most of the time, these exercises are most difficult to coordinate, which is why you should first make sure that you master the technique correctly before attempting to increase your weight. Three classic examples of composite exercises are:

  • genuflection

  • bench Press

  • deadlift

5. Do not forget to warm up!

The warm-up is often ignored when it comes to completing training quickly. Nevertheless, try to warm up for at least 5 minutes before each workout. Also, before each exercise, the first 1-2 sets of light weight should be used to get you used to the movement and to prevent injury.

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